someone explain this bottle of wine situation

but with lovely shoes


Today Sean’s grandmother commented on how good I was at getting up early in comparison to Sean, little did I know I was not off to Uni as she believed, but to Starbuck’s to sit down for four hours

cameron; *wakes up early has a shower and smiles*

me; *refuses to wake up, throws a temper tantrum and cries*

so what you’re telling me is that by making fun of this its a metaphor thing

we are giving john green more power and recognition?


i dont understand the its a metaphor thing

i got a fucking credit for the debate I was fucking incredible I deserve a fucking high distinction fuck off

i actually kind of really liked roxxxy up until the last two episodes of season 5 like 

she’s kind of a big girl who isn’t really a big girl and she showed me that you can be big and beautiful and consistently work it and not let other people bring you down and that applies to both boy life and drag and idk. plus we share the same last name 

i just hated how she turned out in the end :(


instagram deleted dupe and spam accounts and i checked my followers and ive lost 50 :(

how could they do this to me :(

my dashboard is so slow is everyone fucking hanging out without me?