i made a 30 second compromise between the two aesthetics? 

i made a 30 second compromise between the two aesthetics? 

one of my tasks is to create a print ad for a small town burger shop and like 

one part of me wants to be really artsy and go for this whole 50s diner aesthetic 

then another part of me wants to do a piece that’s a commentary on small town business and their lack of understanding of basic design principles 

and then the rest of me is just too lazy to do it 

also i have work due on friday night that i was gonna do last night until hamish guilted me into hanging out with him and i was too lazy to do today and i’m busy tomorrow night and friday night so i might have to do it during class tomorrow 

im trying to remember when i bought ac revelations but i honestly don’t remember buying it at all 

regardless of that i own it digitally and i downloaded it and it works so i’m not gonna think about it anymore 

omg and apparently i own revelations already????

omg r u kidding i bought ac brotherhood for $16 and its $10 on xbox marketplace 

ugh spent all my money on weed fml

A message from Anonymous
would you mind giving me an idea of why describing a band as female-fronted is bad? i dont doubt that it is i just dont see why exactly


it’s not an offensive term as it literally describes a group of musicians, but I think it requires some reflection: why does my gender define my music above all else - and what are the inevitable connotations that coincide with that definition? why are ‘female fronted’ bands a necessary distinction from just ‘bands’ (male fronted): roots of fetishization or unconscious misogyny (or both, as the two often have a direct correlation)? what are the unintentional presumptions about a ‘female fronted’ band as opposed to just a band (besides obviously that it’s a woman singing)? why are bands still considered ‘masculine’ unless noted otherwise despite years and years of female contribution to music?

i don’t know i feel like it’s an important distinction to make. i’m more likely to support or listen to a band if i know its fronted by a woman, simply because there aren’t enough out there that are successful and it makes it easier for people that actively want to support women in bands to do so

watching the birdcage at the queer lounge

watching the birdcage at the queer lounge