janelle monae’s cover of heroes is the single best thing to exist 

although if i did do a podcast it would probably be very much like dennis and dee’s 

i wanna start a podcast cuz im damn good at talking but i want to do it with someone interesting and also queer cuz im all about that

im almost to 400 followers again someone gimme a promo or s/t or make one of my posts popular 

hmu if u wanna buy this 

hmu if u wanna buy this 

heyo tumblr followers 

if you are considering signing up for the dollar shave club in which you pay like $7 a month to get shaving razors delivered to your house every month then do so through the following link 


because if you DO then i don’t have to pay next month and thats really great for me and you’ll feel good about doing something nice for someone ugly 

oh yeah i had a really cool tram ride earlier 

i was sitting next to a transwoman who is here for the AIDS conference and she complimented my hair and we got talking and i asked if she was having a good time and she said she was and she was admiring some of the other girls makeup and wondering how they looked so good, etc and i said probably contouring, etc and she asked how to do it and what she was doing wrong 

and basically all it was she was using too much blush and it was too high on her cheeks and maybe it was too matte and i told her that she should check out some drag queen makeup tutorials cuz they know their shit (i suggested manila luzon’s)

but that got me thinking that someone on here who really really knows what they’re doing with makeup and facial contouring, etc should put together a bunch of makeup tutorials for creating a natural looking face for young transwomen because i never really see any support for transwomen on tumblr or online in general. just basic tips on how to look more ‘feminine’ cuz a lot of transwomen just aren’t good at makeup because they haven’t had experience with it 

why does pier solar NOT have a release date anymore fuck that