Fleetwood Mac


Took this love and I took it down.
Climbed a mountain and I turned around.
And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills,
till the landslide brought me down.


I was at melbourne central today and I was eating hungry jacks whilst I was waiting for the train and I realised there was nowhere to put the rubbish. Turns out all the bins at melbourne stations have been removed because of the terror threat. Then in the space of 10 minutes there were two announcements not to leave bags unattended. Well done Australia, you’ve fallen even deeper into Abbott’s filthy arsehole.

omg i noticed this yesterday but the announcements were literally every 2 minutes at flinders st

A message from tractionism
10 21 46 ~~

10. your day dreams 

i don’t know really. just your usual “pretends i’m best friends with a celebrity” or “pretend that i AM a celebrity” kind of deal. 

21. your thoughts

see above; but also thinking about the near-future and how to manage my time cuz i want a job but i need one that matches with uni and i don’t wanna do like fast-food cuz its really not my thing - but also that i have to become more corporate if i want a great job - which requires changing basically my whole appearance and personality and yeah. stuff like that. 

46. your depression

was a very dark period from early 2012 - mid 2013 where i had lost my main friend group, hadn’t really been good friends with any other groups and therefore couldn’t socialise as much. put on a shit load of weight that i’ve yet to lose. but now i’m great! i’m slowly working towards losing that weight too and once i do i will be UNSTOPPABLE.

whatever the mind can conceive and believe, you will achieve

A message from presentimentality
18, 48

18. Your greatest adventure 

so like last year i got +1’d to a party by hamish, that was in some fucking way out place that you had to catch a coach from cranbourne to get to. and just after getting off this bus, hamish said something to the host that made us get uninvited to the party. we had just caught the last bus out there, so there was no way back. 

we also had like no money cuz we were CHILDRENS (like just turned 18 lmao), but fortunately a very nice girl who couldn’t be bothered going to the party decided to chill with us - so we had company, and just enough money to buy pizza! so we sat down for a few hours, drank the beer we had brought with us and ate pizza - before long this very nice man who worked at the pizza shop offered to drive us to cranbourne station, and we went with him. 

we caught the last train back to the city, and spent the night chilling in a parking lot because hamish and nikki lived too far away from the city to walk home and like i didn’t want them in my apartment cuz ehh

but yeah we got chased out by security and went to a different parking lot and then it got cold, so we sat in the elevator for a while because that was warm and it had powerpoints. we also got really drunk yay!

that was an adventure. my life is boring usually. 

48. Your role model/inspiration 

this is so damn gay but like until recently i never really had like, role models BUT watching the untucked episodes for drag race this year made me appreciate courtney act as a human being so much and watching her talk about her life and how she keeps herself so positive has helped me a lot. i’d also consider oprah winfrey a HUGE inspiration. just because she proved that anyone can make it in life if they just put the hard work in. it might not be possible to get on her level, but the fact that she made it at all means that anyone can. it means that i can. 

but also the person that inspired me to come out was actually a photographer from sydney who created a it gets better video while i was obsessed with his 365 and yeah he was a pretty big influence early on in my teens 

nobody sent questions 

fuck y’all

Tell us something about:

  • 1. Your romantic interests
  • 2. Your past relationship
  • 3. Your current relationship
  • 4. Your best friend
  • 5. Your worst friend
  • 6. Your parents
  • 7. Your siblings
  • 8. Your pets
  • 9. Your dreams
  • 10. Your day dreams
  • 11. Your sleeping patterns
  • 12. Your eating habits
  • 13. Your hobbies
  • 14. Your hopes
  • 15. Your fears
  • 16. Your confidence
  • 17. Your anxieties
  • 18. Your greatest adventure
  • 19. Your worst mistake
  • 20. Your emotions
  • 21. Your thoughts
  • 22. Your physical ills
  • 23. Your eyes
  • 24. Your ears
  • 25. Your taste
  • 26. Your bad habits
  • 27. Your good habits
  • 28. Your music
  • 29. Your writing
  • 30. Your philosphies
  • 31. Your sexuality
  • 32. Your likes
  • 33. Your dislikes
  • 35. Your fetishes
  • 36. Your turn-offs
  • 37. Your first sexual experience
  • 38. Your last sexual experience
  • 39. Your fantasties
  • 40. Your favourite games
  • 41. Your favourite books
  • 42. Your favourite play
  • 43. Your personality
  • 44. Your quirks
  • 45. Your sameness
  • 46. Your depression
  • 47. Your happiness
  • 48. Your role model/inspiration
  • 49. Your flexibility
  • 50. Your clothes

if you don’t like kylie minogue then there’s obviously something wrong with you